28 March 2008
The worst restaurant meal I've ever had!
Today I joined my colleagues to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market in one of mall. It is my first visit to this outlet. Yes believe me you! Wakakakaka... sounds so sampat right? Anyway, I'd heard from others before that the food there wasn't anything to shout about. But today the group decided to go there as Nando's were packed, and I just followed the flow.

Turned out what others said before were true. The quality of food is major THUMBS DOWN! I didn't order anything fancy (and luckily I didn't because then it'd burn a big hole in my pocket), just a set lunch of fried cod fish with coleslaw and fries that costs RM19.90++. What a rip off with the kind of food they served! Bah!!!

First of all, the food served to me was cold. It was as if it was left in the kitchen for a long time already. Secondly the fries were soggy; even McD's fries tastes better. Thirdly, the portion was pathetic; there's only one and a halft piece of fried fish and the half piece is just batter, no fish at all. I really feel this is a rip off aitelyu!

One good thing they did was to distribute the feedback cards at the end of the meal. I filled it up with my honest opinions LOL! This will be the last time I ever patronise this chain.
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25 October 2007
Meeting in Paris, anyone?
Last year, my co-worker was assigned a business trip to Paris, France for meeting with some chip designers. He was indeed very lucky… how often do you get an all expense paid for trip to France, the city of romance, even though it’s only a one week working trip!

With business trips, we can be assured that we’ll be staying in nice hotels as the company has a preferred list of Paris hotels to choose from.

After he came back from the trip, I asked if he went to the famous tourist attractions like the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Rhone Alps etc. but he said the schedule was too packed he didn’t find the time to. Everyday the meeting ends just in time for dinner.

What a waste! If I had a chance to go at company expense, I’d probably extend the trip and spend at least two to three days there to tour these famous landmarks! After all the airfare is already paid for, just need to bear the food and lodging extension days only. With internet, it would be really easy to find an affordable France hotel.

One of the must-try activities in Paris would be to take a ride on one of the river cruises.
Next is definitely the Louvre Museum. Who would want to miss the opportunity to look at the real Mona Lisa painting?

Last but not least, a visit to the wineries will just round up the trip nicely. I heard the package also includes wine tasting J

Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to check with my boss to see if there is any meeting planned in Paris in the near future. :P
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19 October 2007
I Joined the Smorty League!
Yes I finally joined the Smorty League!! :D

I’ve seen many of my blogger friends joining Smorty, and they get paid for blogging their opinions on certain services or products. If one is hardworking, the return seems to be lucrative. Now why should I let go of such good opportunity to make money right? So I joined; and am very happy my humble blog is accepted. ;)

This blog for money concept actually benefits both the blogger and advertiser. Advertiser gets to advertise on blogs while blogger get paid to blog; win-win situation.

This will by my first post for Smorty and I do hope more opportunities will appear on my panel so I can get more pocket money for online-shopping :P

Oh I also hear that now paypal money can be transferred to credit card. I guess I can just blog away to settle some of the credit card debts then. All thanks to this "getting paid for blogging" concept.
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08 October 2007
How I Bought My First Insurance

After I started working, I immediately thought of buying insurance for myself. Getting insured is the least I could do to ensure my loved ones are protected should anything unfortunate happens *touch wood though*. So I set out to look for different life insurance quotes from different companies to compare. Well, I’m a very calculative person so if I were to buy something that involves A LOT of money, I’d want to make sure it’s well worth it. :P

Having talked to agents, I came to know about endowment insurance plan besides term life insurance. Don’t let the agent pushed/talked you into buying from them, it’s more important to really understand what the life insurance policies cover before deciding on what to buy. After all it’s our right as customer; and not to mention I absolutely hate pushy agents.

After carefully thinking about the policy and what I could afford (just started work so meager income heheh), I finally decided on a plan and purchased it from an agent I trust.

Don’t worry… I’m not selling any insurance :P Just thought of sharing how I bought my first insurance policy ;)

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04 October 2007
Time to go Shopping!
Now we are in the month of October, it means year end is drawing nearer. I always like year end because of the festive mood due to celebrations of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. With celebrations, can't run away from buying presents!

Year end also means boy’s birthday is coming up soon. I’m cracking my head over what toy to get for him as birthday present. Not that we want to spoil him, but don’t you think receiving present is most exiting? Even as adult I like receiving gifts, what more a seven year-old!

I shall take my time to browse through this online shopping site for some ideas. They carry so many toy brands I’m literally spoilt for choice. The best part is prices are really reasonable. Gee… I think I might as well buy a toy for girl too!
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